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Tinergy Group of Companies
Founder &

Milo is the Founder and Chairman of Tinergy Group of Companies. With a rich background in the energy sector, Milo has served as a Director of Zhangping Jinquan HydroPower Development Co. Ltd. - a leading hydropower development company in China. His strategic insights have played a pivotal role in steering the company towards sustainable growth. Milo has assumed the role of Executive Director for multiple companies, actively contributing to the formulation and execution of effective business strategies that propel organizations to new heights.


Milo plays a crucial role in navigating sound investment decisions, with a particular emphasis on funding strategies that foster business growth. He also takes the lead in providing financial support to nurture and cultivate emerging businesses in the new energy sector, enabling them to embark on a sustainable trajectory.

Above all, Milo has been acknowledged as the Vice President for the China New Energy Chamber of Commerce. Milo holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of East London and an MBA from the prestigious Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business.


Tinergy Group of Companies
Partner &
Chief Executive Advisor

Daniel is the Partner of Tinergy Group of Companies, and formerly served as the Chief Executive Advisor for the Group. Daniel holds advisory roles for several family offices (MFO and SFO) in Singapore, which include Luminor Capital - a Multi Family Office and Private Equity Group. Daniel is also an adjunct faculty at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School, where his research interests include Sustainable Energy. 

Daniel is an Asia economist and has since been involved in macroeconomic consulting work for Fortune 500 companies, sovereign wealth funds, multilateral organizations, government think-tanks and financial institutions. He has also appeared on the likes of the world’s top financial media which include CNBC, BBC, Bloomberg and Reuters etc. 

Earlier, Daniel was the Head of Asia at 4CAST Ltd - a London-based leading market intelligence firm, providing real-time analysis on the foreign exchange, fixed income and money markets for the world’s top financial institutions and key central banks. And he was the Regional Economist at Centennial Group International, a Washington-based global strategic and policy advisory firm that assists governments, international financial institutions and corporations in their reform and economic development efforts.


Tinergy Group of Companies
Group CEO

Yiming currently serves as the Group CEO for Tinergy Group of Companies. He has earned his reputation as a veteran finance specialist in the Asia banking sector. And above all, he is a serial entrepreneur with accomplished track records in the East Asia region. Notably, Yiming has been involved in renewable energy projects since 2012. Taking on the leadership at Tinergy, he is committed to bringing the highest standard of asset efficiency to the Asia renewable energy market.

Previously, Yiming served at the world's top-tier financial institutions, which includes Morgan Stanly, CIMB Group, ABA AMRO and Commerzbank. And he worked with Schmettzehe and Partners for M&A and investment advisory projects, where he has accumulated notable venture building track records in Southeast Asia and China, specializing in the space of Asset Management, Commodities, Fintech, E-Commerce and Trading. He also served as the regional director of the Hedge Fund Association (

Yiming holds a Bachelor’s degree from National University of Singapore and an MBA from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business.


Tinergy Group of Companies
Group COO
CEO, Tinergy Renewable Energy

Garry currently serves as the Group COO for Tinergy Group of Companies and CEO for Tinergy Renewable Energy. He is also the founder and director of B2G Energies - a R&D company committed to revolutionizing the energy industry through innovative and sustainable solutions. Garry has since accumulated over 29 years of professional experience within the Energy Industry. And he is leading a consortium in collaboration with Energy Market Authority (EMA) Singapore to develop and deploy solutions to meet Singapore's targets of decarbonization and solar deployment.

Garry has been appointed by Enterprise Singapore as one of the members for the Working Group on Secondary Cells and Batteries. He is exclusively selected to be part of the national working group for IEC TC21/SC21 focusing on batteries relating to energy storage systems and electric road vehicles. 

With his expertise and industry practitioner knowledge, Garry has assumed leadership roles in multinational companies across business development, project management, and electrical engineering within the renewable energy and clean technology sectors. And he has successfully delivered complex projects, managed high-performing teams, and contributed to the growth of sustainable energy solutions across the Asia-Pacific region.


Tinergy Group of Companies
Group CFO

Kenneth currently serves as the Group CFO for Tinergy Group of Companies. He is the co-founder and director of B2G Energies – a R&D company committed to revolutionizing the energy industry through innovative and sustainable solutions. Before joining Tinergy Group, Kenneth was serving as VP, Group Finance of Japanese Battery Technology Startup, noco-noco Inc, where he successfully led and listed the company in NASDAQ. He oversees the finance and accounting functions, including M&A and fund raising.
Kenneth has been involved in multiple listing projects and series funding in his journey with Ernst & Young, specializing in the TMT sector of helping semiconductor firms, media firms, technology firms while focusing on startups. Notably, he was also involved in the project of Singapore’s top unicorn, Carousell. His expertise extends into regulatory compliance, investor relations and financial strategy.


Tinergy Group of Companies
Group CTO

Li Bing, currently serves as the Group CTO for Tinergy Group of Companies. A seasoned professional with 20 years of experience in the energy and project management sector, he is the Senior Vice President at Xiamen Aoanguan Tai New Energy Co., Ltd. Hailing from Yichang City, Hubei Province, Li Bing's journey encompasses a diverse array of accomplishments. Notably, he successfully managed the construction of a 220KV/560MVA substation and 20 km transmission line for a steel plant, led the development and expansion of AkzoNobel paint factories in multiple Chinese cities, and played a pivotal role in establishing Chengdu Maolong Shengkai Energy Co., Ltd. as a leading player in the energy sector. His career is marked by proactive engagement in new projects, including a pioneering venture into the lithium battery industry with a Chengdu-based energy storage project.

Li Bing's dynamic leadership extends beyond roles at Guangdong Litian Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou International Biotech Island Technology Investment and Development Co., Ltd. His comprehensive approach to project planning, investment strategies, and government negotiations has left an indelible mark. His proven track record positions him as a distinguished figure in the renewable energy and project management landscape.


Tinergy Group of Companies
Group CMO
CEO, Tinergy Consultancy and Trade

Li Yingying currently serves as the Group CMO for Tinergy Group of Companies and CEO for Tinergy Consultancy and Trade. She is a seasoned business strategist dedicated to propelling global brands in the green economy. With over 15 years of international operational and business development expertise across continents such as the U.S., China, Brazil, and more, Yingying brings a wealth of experience to her role.

Her leadership extends beyond traditional branding strategies, focusing on comprehensive brand system development, international brand strategy planning, and brand culture cultivation. Through innovative strategies, she has elevated the profiles of industry giants, including renowned institutions such as Gotion High-Tech. She specializes in empowering technology-driven companies in the green economy, transforming them into global leaders. With a strategic focus on high-growth markets like South East Asia, Yingying leads initiatives to penetrate markets such as Singapore and Indonesia.

As CEO, Yingying excels in forging strategic business relations and enhancing brand visibility through impactful initiatives. Her expertise in global crisis management ensures resilience and respect for the company on the international stage. With cross-cultural leadership characteristics, Yingying continues to shape the company's global brand presence.


Tinergy Group of Companies
Head of HR and Processes

Victor Wong currently serves as the Head of HR and Processes for Tinergy Group of Companies. He plays a crucial role in streamlining operational productivity across companies within the Group.  His extensive years of experience in the biotech cell manufacturing industry provide him with the valuable knowledge transfer to oversee and manage the technical dimensions of project development, ensuring operational and administrative standards align with quality and regulatory requirements in the renewable energy space. 

Earlier, Victor served as the senior biotechnology process expert with Tessa Therapeutics. Reconciling on his previous experience, Victor has designed a proprietary array of critical process parameters to provide in-depth process criticality assessment of solar EPC project based on a risk-centric approach. Victor's expertise lies in pinpointing critical processes and milestones essential for the COD of renewable energy projects, which includes crafting and review of compliance documents, operational ranges and performance tracking rubrics. His adept management ensures day-to-day operations run seamlessly, with the trajectory set to align with the mid-to-long term strategic objectives of the Group. 

On his academic record, Victor has earned a Master of Science in Molecular Biology and a Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours) in Biotechnology. 

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